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d.r.e.a.m.  BIG!!
d=dedication; r=responsibility; e=education; a=attitude;m=motivation

These are the 5 ingredients for achieving your dream or goal.

You must have
dedication to achieve anything in life and be willing to do the "lonely" work.  You alone are the
determining factor for your success or failure and must be willing to own up to that
responsibility.  You should always
be seeking out opportunities to improve at whatever you are doing through
education.  Do not forget that you have
been given a classroom without walls called life.  Keep a positive
attitude regardless of the challenges you are facing.  
You have to stay
motivated at all times.  There will be many people who will tell you what you can't do.  You must not
listen to those people and must always believe in yourself.  You have to believe in your dream!*

*Adapted from Kevin Carroll and Rules of the Red Rubber Ball

Steps for Reaching Your Goals
1. Dream It
2. Believe It
3. Achieve It

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School Email
Reminders and Updates

Please join us on Monday, January 16 at the East Hampton Food Bank for a Day of
Service in honor of Dr. King.

Our annual book drive in honor of Dr. King's message of helping others in need is
underway.  The book drive will run until Friday, February 17.  Please send in either
new books or gently used books.  The books that we collect will be donated to an
organization called Read to Grow and to the Memorial School book store.  I have
included a link to the Read to Grow website if you would like more information
about what this organization does.
The children have been challenged to complete 100 acts of kindness outside of school
between now and February 17.  Please write a short note about each act of kindness
your child performs over the coming weeks.  You may either write a note each day to
send to school, or keep a list that can be sent to school every Friday.  You may also
simply email me the completed acts of kindness if that is easier for you.  This is a great
opportunity for the children to put into practice what we have been learning in school.  
We also talked about the need to sustain our enthusiasm for the entire month in order
to achieve this goal.  It seems easier that it really is.  
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